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Have you or your child recently completed orthodontic treatment? Chances are that you had a retainer recommended by Dr. Sabat. Although we stress the importance of wearing retainers as instructed, many become tired of the routine. It has become obvious to our team at Sabat Orthodontics that more and more patients are stopping wearing their retainers prematurely. This is happening in both adults and children. Retainers are used to hold the teeth in their ideal alignment until the teeth and jawbone stabilize, so when retainers are not used properly, shift happens.

Shifting takes place in the overhead luggage compartments and in your dental alignment too. Teeth have a strong tendency to move toward the direction from which they came. As previously mentioned, many patients stop wearing their retainer too soon and shifting takes place. The good news is that there may be a simple, uncomplicated and inexpensive way to move the teeth back. Once the teeth are straight again, a wire that can be bonded to the inside surface of the lower front teeth may help to maintain the realigned teeth over a long period of time. This “permanent retainer” is a more convenient method for retaining teeth for both children and adults.

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