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Once your teeth have reached their optimal positions, Dr. Michael Sabat can remove the braces so you can enjoy your new, confident smile. However, we have spent the last year or two moving teeth and now it is very important for you to hold them in the new position for a year or more to allow all the tissue and ligaments to rebuild in the new, ideal arrangement.

The most effective method for preventing this is to follow all instructions Dr. Michael Sabat and his team give you in regard to the retainers you will be receiving. Wearing them during the prescribed times will help your teeth maintain their ideal alignment.
For the first few days after you begin using your retainer, your mouth may produce more saliva. This is normal. In a few days, your mouth will adapt to the retainers.

If your retainers become damaged or if you fail to wear your retainers during the prescribed times, our orthodontist may increase the time that you will need to wear them.

If you are due to have your braces removed soon and you have questions about retainers in Brecksville and Parma, Ohio, feel free to call Sabat Orthodontics today.

Thank you!