What to Expect During the Braces Process

Has Dr. Sabat recommended that you have braces placed? Are you a little nervous about the braces process, or simply wondering what to expect? Our orthodontist and team are happy to go over the basic orthodontic treatment process with you. Braces Placement The brackets of braces are bonded to your teeth using a special dental… Read more »

The History of Orthodontics

You may think of orthodontics as a modern development, but in reality, orthodontics has been developing since ancient times. This branch of dentistry has developed gradually over time to become the modern orthodontics we know and love today. Orthodontics in Ancient Times Human remains with crooked teeth have been found dating back 50,000 years. Ancient… Read more »

What to Do About a Broken Bracket

A common orthodontic emergency is a broken or damaged braces bracket. Brackets often become damaged because they are fragile and can become damaged from several things, like: – Eating foods that can be damaging to braces – An injury to the mouth – Brushing teeth too vigorously – Using a toothpick – Flossing too vigorously… Read more »

The Many Benefits of Straight Teeth

If your teeth are crowded, crooked, or gapped, our orthodontist may recommend braces or Invisalign® to gently straighten your teeth over time. It may come as a surprise to learn that straightening your teeth provides many benefits to you and your smile. Straight Teeth Are Easier to Clean Unfortunately, teeth that are crooked are crowded… Read more »

The Invisalign® Treatment Process

Some individuals with crooked or crowded teeth are hesitant to undergo orthodontic treatment because they worry that metal brackets and wires will mar the beauty of their smile. If you share this concern, ask Dr. about Invisalign® in Parma and Brecksville, . Invisalign uses a series of clear aligners to gently straighten your smile over… Read more »

Types of Malocclusion

Orthodontics is a special branch of dentistry whose focus is on correcting teeth and jaws that are not positioned properly. When the teeth are crooked or crowded, they are harder to sufficiently clean, so they are more prone to cavities. Misaligned teeth or bad bites are referred to as malocclusion. There are different types of… Read more »

Commonly Asked Questions About Orthodontics

Our orthodontist and team are so happy that you have chosen Sabat Orthodontics for your family’s orthodontic needs. You may have some questions going into treatment, or preparing your child for treatment, and we are more than happy to help! When Should I Bring My Child in for an Orthodontic Exam? Although we see patients… Read more »

Get to Know Dr. Michael Sabat

For over 30 years, Dr. Michael Sabat has provided quality orthodontic care for both children and adults. Dr. Sabat’s commitment to excellence in orthodontics has built him a reputation in Northeast Ohio.   Dr. Sabat earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree from Case Western Reserve, College of Dentistry, graduating magna cum laude. Upon… Read more »

Caring for Your Braces

Dr. , your orthodontist, recently recommended that you have braces in either our Parma or Brecksville, , location. We are so excited to begin watching your teeth become straighter and your new smile get started. Did you know that there are certain things that you can do to protect your braces to ensure that your… Read more »

Know What to Do in Case of an Orthodontic Emergency

During your orthodontic treatment, there are several issues that can arise. If you have an orthodontic emergency, call our office to discuss the problem with our orthodontist or team. You may need to visit right away or you may be able to do something to alleviate the problem until your next scheduled visit. Our skilled… Read more »