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Have your teeth shifted from their ideal positions in the years since you completed orthodontic treatment? Ask Dr. Sabat and our team about your options for regaining a healthy, beautiful, straight smile.

It’s not uncommon for teeth to be slowly changing when retainers are discontinued. Teeth are living structures in living bone and are constantly subjected to pressures and forces. Changes take place throughout our bodies as we grow, mature and age, and our teeth continually adapt. However, it’s always possible to get a “touch up” at any age. With the new technology of braces and high-tech wires, clear aligners and vibration acceleration techniques, it’s never been easier, more comfortable and faster.

Speak with our orthodontist about your goals and touch up treatment options in Parma and Brecksville, Ohio. Like all areas of orthodontics, braces are ever evolving and improving. High-tech wires are available to improve the patient experience and orthodontic results. Invisalign® clear aligners are a great way to aesthetically and easily restore the proper alignment of your teeth. Our vibration techniques allow you to dramatically accelerate your touch up orthodontic treatment.

Call Sabat Orthodontics at 440-845-3360 now for your personal evaluation and to begin the road to “recovery.” Of course, family discounts apply. We look forward to helping you on your orthodontic journey!